School Uniform

Following is the expected Standard for the uniform. It is the school policy that all the students from Pre-Nursery to XII wear proper school uniform.


  • Sikh boys must use bottle Green Patka/Turban/Blue Patka with Track suit.
  • Blazer (single breast), bottle green (compulsory).
  • Grey woolen regular trousers Class VI to X.
  • Bottle Green Turban/Patka for sikh boys.
  • Whiteshirt (with proper collar).
  • Grey socks (grey stockings with shorts).
  • Bottle green school belts.
  • Completely white canvas shoes (for PT/Games period & house uniform days).
  • Completely black leather shoes (with laces, medium toe).


  • Blazer (Single breast with buttons on the opposite side), bottle green (compulsory).
  • White house (as per approved pattern).
  • Grey skirt ( divided till the knee).
  • Grey stockings.
  • Bottle green ties girls from IX to XI.
  • Bottle green school belts.
  • White Suits.
  • Bottle green ribbons/bands.
  • Green Blazers
  • Completely white Canvas shoes( for PT/Games period only).
  • Completely black leather shoes (with laces or straps).



  • White shirt with half sleeves. Sleeveless vests should always be worn under the shirt.
  • White shorts (not more than 2 inches above the knees) for class V.
  • White pants from Classes VI to XII, Green Turban/Patka for sikh boys, green school belts.
  • White canvas shoes (for PT).
  • White socks with two green strips.
  • Sikh boys must use bottle Green Patka/Turban/Blue Patka with Track Suit.


  • White skirts (divided, till the knee).
  • White shirts.
  • White socks with two green strips.
  • Completely black leather shoes with laces/buckles.
  • Bottle green ribbons (no fancy clips or jewellery is allowed).
  • Bottle green school belts.
  • Completely white canvas shoes (for PT/Games period only).

Jewellery :

The students are not allowed to wear any expensive jewellery to school. A student may wear watch from grade Vi onwards. If your child has pierced ears then please make sure that they only wear one pair of small, gold or silver studs in school. Other piercing are not permitted to wear in school. Girls are not permitted to wear nail polish and makeup.

Hair :

Girls with long hair should arrive in school with neatly tied back in a pony tail or plait. Hair colour should be natural and extreme hairstyles are not allowed. The students are expected to wear black or white colour clips, hair bands, rubber bands. No colour accessories will be allowed.

Boys :

No spikesin the school will be allowed The length of the hair should also as per army cut.

General :

We don't ask for money without a written communication. Please don't send the same with children unless specified, Please label your wards uniform, books and belongings properly without any confusion.

Lunch :

Important Kindly send steel lunch box instead of plastic as plastic lunch box and warer bottles are totally banned and not good for health.

Kindly support us in our endeavour. DPS Katra believes in communicating with you in a better way So seeks your support in making it a great institution.